Recording my first foray into audio storytelling was a new flex for my creative process

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Do you think it started with you? Read a book.

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  • Malachi & Call-Out Culture: You may think call-out culture originated with Twitter, but no — Malachi told the Israelites he knew they weren’t obeying Old Testament law, whether or not they’d posted about it. All we needed was an all-seeing prophet with a megaphone, and boom, a trend was born.
  • Paul & Double-Texting: Paul wrote to the Corinthians twice without…

Because you have to be ready

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The Ex-Jock-Turned-Sensitive-Nerd

Because it’s not just a shot. It’s who you are.

  • How many shots do you need? You…

  • Having cousins: It really seems like once my siblings don’t live with me anymore, they’re my cousins. Especially if I find their political views offensive. …

Versus what you actually did

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I need antibodies to prevent hangovers, stat

A hand holding a syringe against a light pink background.
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Because no one went out the way they came in

A frustrated person wearing an apron, looking down at a kitchen bench covered in flour with a bowl on a cutting board littered with eggshells.
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Ginny Hogan

An LA-based writer and stand up comic. I write for a bunch of places and I wrote a book, follow me on Twitter @ginnyhogan_ to learn more

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